The core teams are led by David Hilton (operations/ design) along with 10 other designers working from EUROPE, USA, CHINA, and JAPAN. MCE brings design talents together from vastly different cultures and backgrounds. The potential this offers is extraordinary, and realizing it is our key to success. Team sizes vary depending on client projects, with an emphasis on the best talent match vs. program needs.


MOTORCITY EUROPE individually reviews projects using the following creative services, to best guide our clients:

  • Market research with respect to trends, product positioning, and brand identity.
  • Problem identification through to product realization plans.
  • Complete styling-fabrication services based on identified targets and customer wants.
  • Execution of projects using the best technology in the most creative methods.
  • UI/UX integrated and graphical solutions.  


We implement the following tools to serve our client’s needs:

  • Alias 3D-2D and ICEMsurf systems.
  • 5 axis milling capability for full size vehicles.
  • Complete studio-shops for full size clay measuring, viewing and work (see studio)
  • Creative human talent, experience and desire.


MOTORCITY EUROPE is always looking for talented designers to join our team list. If you have at least 3 years OEM experience and a very strong creative portfolio, please send us your contact details. We maintain absolute confidentiality in all our communications!